My First Love

I study audiences to understand
their complex mind and thoughts. While researching trends and fashion, I experiment with videos and other forms of
media and blend them with marketing using humor. I love potatoes.

Show me what ya talking about

Sleepless Nights
hours of work
Candles blown

My Second Love

Before I started loving potatoes, I loved tomatoes. While swimming down the sea of despair, out of nowhere, the graceful movements of a carefree Putimaas caught my attention.

Let's see this Putimaas

You can never win unless you know yourself

Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe After Effects
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Adobe Illustrator

What I do

I'm a Part-time Comedian

It all started with a 'Bengali Problems' video.

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A Part-time Actor

Human psychology fascinates me.

Here's a teaser

And a Part-time Musician

Excuse me. I'm still learning.

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